The Traveling Gavel

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The Traveling Gavel!

Extra  Large  Presentation Gavel used to promote visitation in your district

present it to a lodge,  or visit a lodge and steal it back with the most visitors!

upon request the gavel can be custom engraved with your name.. presented to  etc.

front of the gavel is engraved with a Square and Compass

size  24 inches long

head size is 8 inch long x 4 inch dia

weight   4.0 pounds

Gavel is made of Oak wood



The Traveling Gavel was implemented  for the sole purpose of encouraging
Brethren of the District to travel and visit other Lodges and to promote Brotherly love
and affection.

The Gavel should be a source of pride for the Lodge that possesses it and equally so
for any Lodge that successfully captures and takes the Gavel back to their own Lodge.
Above all, it is all in good fun.

Suggested rules

The Traveling Gavel shall be visibly displayed when the Lodge in possession is
open for regular or emergent meetings.

If more than one Lodge wishes to capture the Traveling Gavel, the lodge with one Senior Officer and the most members present
at the start of opening will obtain it.

In the event of a tie, the gavel will go to the Lodge that is physically most distant
from the current possessing Lodge

The Lodge claiming the Gavel will advise the District Secretary, and all
District Lodge Secretaries as soon as possible.

courtesy Highwood District