Masonic Lodge Name Badge

Name Badge

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Hard plastic name badge for your breast pocket.

Available in several colors.

Size 3 x 2 inch.

To order :

1. Pick color of the badge.

2. Pick Masonic Order ie: Craft, Royal Arch Masons, Royal & Select Masters (Cryptic), Knight Templar's, etc.

Indicate what you want on each line

   Title, ie: Bro., W. Bro, etc.  

    Your Name, ie: Bro. JOHN DOE

    Lodge (Chapter etc), Name, and Number, ie: CORNERSTONE LODGE No.19 (do not forget to add "Lodge, Chapter, Council "and number after name).

    Grand Lodge Name or Masonic Order, ie: G.R.C or Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia

Please check all spelling and capitalization before submitting your order as we will engrave your badge exactly as requested.

Please Note # is an incorrect abbreviation for the Lodge Number.  No. is the correct abbreviation.

Also the more words you have the smaller the font will be 

We strongly suggest that your name badge be engraved in this format:  4 lines only

      Bro. JOHN DOE


             A.F & A.M.




         CORNERSTONE No.19

                A.F & A.M.


              Bro JOHN DOE


 Lodge Secretaries if you need to order several badges at once  you can contact us directly.  1-855-666-2766

Please allow 7 days for engraving your name badge