Masonic Lodge Name Badge

Deluxe Pocket Name Badge with Raised Metal Square & Compass Emblem

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Deluxe  Hard plastic name badge for your breast pocket with raised  metal  Square & Compass emblem

Available in several colors.

Size 3 x 2 inch.

To order :

1. Pick color of the badge.

2  Indicate what you want on each line

   Title, ie: Bro., W. Bro, etc.  

    Your Name, i.e: JOHN DOE

    Lodge Name, and Number, i.e: CORNERSTONE LODGE No.19 (do not forget to add Lodge and number after name).

    Grand Lodge Name or Masonic Order, i.e: G.R.C or Grand Lodge of New York etc

Please check all spelling and capitalization before submitting your order as we will engrave your badge exactly as requested.

Please Note # is an incorrect abbreviation for the Lodge Number.  No. is the correct abbreviation.

Also the more words you have the smaller the font will be 

these are the 2 formats we offer only

      Bro. JOHN DOE


             A.F & A.M.




         CORNERSTONE No.19

                A.F & A.M.


              Bro JOHN DOE


 Lodge Secretaries if you need to order several badges at once  you can contact us directly.  1-855-666-2766

Please allow 7 days for engraving your name badge