Masters apron

Officer Aprons Style 5

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Officers Apron Set made of Traditional White  leather   or Quality Satin with Royal Blue Trim

Officers emblems are all hand embroidered ...  beautiful detail!

Apron has adjustable belt and pocket in the back

Officers  Worshipful Master, Senior Warden,Junior Warden, Senior Deacon,Junior Deacon,Stewards, Sentinel, Master of Ceremonies, Tyler, Marshal,Treasurer, Chaplain , Secretary Organist  etc

Officers emblems can be added or changed upon request  also color of ribbon (IE Purple, Sky Blue Etc.)

Available in Real lamb skin leather or Satin  and sizes 14 x 16 or 13 x 15

we have  priced these apron individually as every lodge may require different officers depending on their needs and jurisdiction

Please contact us for prices of sets of aprons