Saint Thomas of Acon Tunic

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Saint Thomas of Acon  Tunic

Color Light Cream (Stone White)

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Please note .... as we all have different body shapes, height and chest sizes which may change the length of the tunic when worn , these mantles can be hemmed to the correct length to match the length of the mantles. both should be 12 inches from the floor when worn



Tunic of stone white material; long enough to cover the knees; to be fastened at the back; on the front a Latin Cross, four inches wide, the full length of the tunic, colour Medici Crimson, on which is superimposed a white Latin Cross one third of the width. The centre of the intersection of the Cross charged with a bronze Escallope Shell of a size to fit in a circle of no greater than 4 inches. (Note; in this Order the Badge is worn on every garment, a coquille, with the hinge of the Escallope shell at the bottom and fan opening at the top).

 Please note these are custom made  delivery times is  approx 4 /6 weeks