St  John the Evangelist  Mantle

St John the Evangelist Mantle

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St  John the Evangelist  Mantle

Good quality Robes


Purple  Lining in the hood

Purple cord

2 inch Purple ribbon  1/2 from edge

Mantle should be 12 inches from the floor when worn

(Measure from  the back of your neck to the floor then subtract 12 inches)


 Please allow 4/5 weeks for delivery as these are custom made to size



1. For members of the Order below the rank of Commander: The mantle shall be of white; the hood lined with silky white material; the Passion Cross in bright red, nine inches in height on the left breast; the mantle to tie closely around the neck with white cords with white tassels.  

2. For Commanders and Past Commanders: The mantle shall have a single red ribbon, one inch wide, stitched one‐ half inch from the outer edge; the hood to be lined with similar red material; the Passion Cross in red with gold rays, nine inches in height on

the left breast; the mantle to tie closely around the neck with red 

cords with red tassels.  


The cap shall be of bright red velvet (or silk) and the cross displayed on the front of the cap shall be appropriate to rank: red Passion Cross for members below the rank of Commander; red Passion Cross with gold rays for Commanders and Past Commanders