Silver Masonic Orb (Globe)

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The Silver Masonic  Orb   ( Masonic Globe)

This Masonic Orb opens into the shape of a cross which has 6 pyramids with 24 masonic symbols - 4 per pyramid.

This is a quality reproduction of the masonic Orb which are sometimes called  globes and were popular in the 17th & 18th centuries and were attached to one's watch fob

These are made of quality solid Sterling silver (927) with stainless steel hinges.

The weight of the globe is 20 grams of silver and the globe has a 3/4 diameter when closed and when open is 1. 1/2 x  1. 1/4 inch

These are made locally by a Brother Master Jeweler and each one is hand polished and hand assembled   These are not cheap made imports.


These globes are often worn around the neck on a silver chain.

Chain not included


Regarding the Symbols

You will see from museum pictures that these old globes had no uniformity in the symbols etched into the gold or silver pyramids, these we assume were taken from the rituals used at that time in England, Scotland and perhaps Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Masonic historians can only speculate on the origin of these Masonic Orbs and the symbols etched into them.  Historians assume they are meant to remind us of our lessons learned and our obligations to our rituals.

Freemasonry is described in its own rituals  as a "Beautiful or Peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols"

Please note that as Freemasonry is universal there are many symbols used in our rituals world wide; thus each symbol may hold a different meaning for each Brother.

For our reproduction of this globe we have picked 24 old Masonic symbols.

Pyramid 1

  • Point within a circle
  • G
  • V.S.L.  
  • All Seeing Eye

Pyramid 2

  • Square
  • Level
  • Plumb Rule
  • Compasses

Pyramid 3

  • Blazing Star
  • Pillar  J
  • Pillar  B
  • Cable tow

 Pyramid 4

  • Square & Compasses
  • Bee Hive
  • Broken Column
  • Skull & Crossed Bones

Pyramid Right Side

  • Lambskin Apron
  • Checkered Pavement
  • 3 steps Winding Stair Case
  • Rough & Smooth Ashlars

Pyramid Lift Side

  • Sun & Moon
  • Trowel
  • 47th Problem of Euclid
  • Acacia Leaf