Aluminum Apron Case Large Out of stock until August 1st

$30.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

out of stock until August 1st 2024

Aluminum Briefcase Style Apron Case  

 Fits  Grand Lodge size  Aprons up to size  18 x 16 with Fringe

This case will be the last case you will ever buy,! its  sturdy and well made out of Aluminum with reinforced corners 

There are  pockets and sleeves for your jewels, ritual books, gloves, name badges and paperwork etc. 

Also, you can store a collar in the top of the case and there are two straps to hold it in place.
This case is designed to hold your apron firmly in place with Velcro straps, also there are two flaps that close over top of the apron to keep it  protected.
The outside has  quality combination locks to keep your items protected
Fits Aprons up to size  18 x 16 with fringe

Outer: 21.5" wide X 18" high X 4.00" deep

Inner: 21" wide X 19" high  X 3.0" deep

 weight  7.5 lbs
Option to have  silver name plate engraved with your name and title on your case for an additional $20.00  just enter name in the box provided

 I.E   W.Bro John Doe