Yggdrasil  World Tree Silver Pendant

Yggdrasil World Tree Silver Pendant

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Yggdrasil  World Tree Silver Pendant

made of quality solid sterling Silver  

Weight  approx 28 grams

size 1.5 x 1.5 inch

Double sided Pendant

The symbolism of the world tree in Norse mythology is colossal, since this is the way the Scandinavian people imagined the Universe. The tree has three roots, one of which goes to Asgard, the other – to Jötunheim, and the third one – to Niflheim. However, the latter in other myths leads to Helheim, and instead of the root leading to Asgard there is another one going to Midgard. You can also find other mentions of the world tree in the legends of the Norsemen, each of which carries a weight in the old days.