Tree of Life  Crib Board

Tree of Life Crib Board

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Tree of Life  Crib Board

Engraved with beautiful Celtic Tree of Life  design ..not Masonic but a cool gift for someone 

includes 3 sets of pegs

Locally Made by Master Woodworker

Made of Oak

Size 10 inch dia   1 inch thick



What Does the Celtic Tree of Life Symbolize


 The Celtic Tree of Life symbol has many different interpretations. The Tree of Life is a representation harmony and balance in nature. The Tree of Life, to the Celts, symbolized strength, a long life, and wisdom. The tree also represents rebirth, as it will lose its leaves during the fall season, hibernate throughout the winter, and will be reborn again once spring arrives. The Celts also believed that they actually came from trees, and considered them magical, living beings. Trees were said to guard the land and acted as a doorway into the spirit world.


 The Tree of Life connects the lower and upper worlds as its roots grow far down while its branches reach high. The tree trunk connects both of these worlds to the Earth’s plane. It was with this connection of worlds, that it was said that people are able communicate with the gods in the heavens using the Tree of Life.