Masonic Sitting Maul Gavels

Traditional Upright Gavel (Setting Maul) Set of Three 11"

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The Mull or Up Right Mallet was a traditional working tool of the medieval operative stone masons and is still used in many Ancient ritual or Traditional Lodges sometimes referred to as "The Hiram Gavel"

 Set of Three Gavels  W.M S.W  J.W

 Made of  Maple wood  o

 11" Tall x 3-3/4" at the base

Has officer Symbols engraved on the side

Plus Brass  emblems in head of the  Gavels

Hand made by a local Master Woodworker

Sounding Blocks sold separately 

Beware of cheap Gavels made of soft imported woods  Gavels for the Lodge need to be made of hardwoods